jueves, 7 de agosto de 2008

The exploit development's moebius strip

Let me talk a little about one of my main tasks at Immunity: solving
complex problems. Solving complex problems is an important and interesting job, specially for
some curious mind that enjoy the masochistic task of facing difficult
challenges every day.

On the opposite side of all the excitement described you go through a series
of moods on the different steps of the problem, which i had named the
"the exploit development's circle"...

EXCITEMENT: It begin with excitement about the new challenge you will be facing. You set up your environment and start getting familiar with all the details.

DECEPTION: With all the adrenaline flowing through your vein, your face hits directly into a wall . The challenge seems to be more complex than expected and all the common hopes of succeed get lower every minute.

DEPRESSION: After days of failure and using all your experience and your brain cells, the exploit remains exactly the same as the first day. The adrenaline in the blood is replaced by epic amounts of caffeine, you go to sleep and all you can think of is the time spent on a bug that might not be able to exploit it.

FAITH: You tell your boss this is impossible, that we need to switch into something else. He persistently gave you support but your ears are so occupied listening to your psychological repression mechanism telling you how bad you are at this and that you should apply for a job that requires less mental effort such as a clerk in your local video store. A millisecond before quitting this module for good , an idea emerge, you are not certain where it came from, maybe it was a signal sent by the old thyresias that you predict subconsciously with pigeon's flight from your windows or your last neuron burning the last portion of energy left, but the true is that your idea might work.

SUCCESS: It Work! Your last minute theory Works. All the glory, the little pieces of colorful paper dancing in the air, the clowns, the trumpets. Your exploit is working and the cold sweat is now gone. After all the congratulations, your self-steem is over the clouds and the routine testing (which you know they gonna work successfuly) your 15 minutes of glory will be long gone and the next task will bring the circle back to where it start.

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Agustin Gianni dijo...

Excelente post. Tenes una forma de redactar el proceso que me transporta directamente al momento.

Felicitaciones por el blog, es sin duda muy interesante.

Saludos, Agustin.