domingo, 26 de abril de 2009

MEMO: Heap training

Dear diary,
I'm finally back but just for a short message. Between writing exploits, developing with Kostya material for the "Windows shellcode writing" class (Check out for more information) and living I didn't have much time left.
This small post is just to announce that i'm gonna be teaching the Heap class May 11-14 in Miami Beach (more info).
I usually try to update the material of the class, in fact, i can recall of a class which i use exactly the same material as the one before.
This time i'm going to add more information about XP/2003 bypassing specially where there is no lookaside on it (Which was the case of an exploit a week ago) and probably explain (with exercise) the FreeListInUse trick.
For the lucky of you that can make it, Nicolas Pouvesle will be explaining one of the introduced subjects.

Nico (Waisman)

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