lunes, 18 de mayo de 2009

Book review: Gray Hat Python

Dear diary,
We usually said that you can easily taught yourself python in just week, well, just add 5 more days and Justin Seitz new book "Gray Hat Python", to taught yourself how to be an python "hacker".
Don't expect this book to teach what you are not, that will be hard. But do expect that this book helps you to put your knowledge and ideas into a usable tool. That is what python is all about.
Justin is an experience reverse engineer and a tool person, I know that because I recommend him for his position at Immunity, when he was an early fun of Immunity Debugger project.
And he apply his year of experience into a book that answer the question to "What exactly do i need to learn from python to start writing my tools.
The book is well-written and direct.Through the 12 chapters, he will walk you into the concepts of debugging and fuzzing, and teach you how to write scripts to extend the capabilities of the best tool around: PyDbg, ImmunityDebugger, Sulley, IdaPython and PyEmu.
And if that wasn't all, he will go step by step into writing your own debugger in python, covering through the basic exception handling to hardware breakpoint.

I recommend this book for anyone who wants to get his hand dirty on python for the first time, either writing a tool or even an exploit, cause we always said at Immunity that exploiting is nothing more than intelligent debugging.


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