jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2009

Ekoparty 2009 was a total blast!!

When i decide to write this review I know it was going to be hard to be impartial on this, but the heck with it!

Ekoparty 2009 was a total blast!! Around 500 people got together on the 17 and 18th of September in the cultural center Konex to merry, learn and party a little bit.

The conference has a really interesting line-up, some of the most respected researchers around the globe such as Moxie Morlinspike, Luis Miras, Charlie Miller, Cesar Cerrudo were given insightful and original presentations.

But that's doesn't make a conference good. What it makes this conference the best one in latin america was the venue, the people that came from different part and the level of detail and effort that the organizers invested on every single spot of the conference in order to mix the best of the two worlds: a little bit of business, a little bit of underground.

I gave a turbo talk presentation on the infamous FreeListInUse technique, explaining where it original came from, how was developed and what was the original concept behind it. But sadly it was too much information in such a small amount of time that people not familiar with exploitation couldn't get the real juice about it. Next time (H2HC), i will try to overuse metaphors to explain how things works. (I will post the slides soon)

The great privilege as a speaker, was to use the Juan Pablo's masterpiece the WOPR. He made a replica of the Wargames WOPR, which leds and the corresponding counter and on the back you had a place to set your laptop.

We set a nice stand where we had the chance to gave NOP Certifications, sadly nobody pass this time, we hope that next year we had more people playing! Also some people get to the stand to get a demo of the new internet hype, the SMBv2 exploit which we successfully gave.

As an Argentinian i couldn't be more proud for having a conference such as the Ekoparty to respresent us. It was a really nice time to get together with old friends and met new people.

From this spot, i just want to thanks Fede, Fran, Leo, Jero and Juan Pablo for the great conference they made this year!!

See you next year.
PS: You can find more pictures at: http://picasaweb.google.com/nicowow/EkoParty2009

domingo, 13 de septiembre de 2009

EkoParty 2009

Another exciting Ekoparty 2009 is around the corner this year and all the security jetset is hitting Ezeiza (Bs.As. Airport) this weekend.

On Monday and Tuesday, we will be throwing two trainings: Writing Windows Shellcode from the Scratch and Breaking Window.

Shellcode Writing training will be taught by Pablo Solè, and it will go from "i just run exploits" to "I can write my connectback and avoid badchars". Of course, depending on how familiar the students are with assembly, it can end in a "I`m escaping the current process by writing a fork() shellcode" or "Inject myself into another process to avoid heap corruption problems". All supported with a pretty neat django framework dave wrote to make you shellcode writing experience pretty smooth (I wish we had those back in the 90's).

The other training is a straight forward Windows Stack Overflow rated "G" by the Motion Picture Association, which means that if you are a student, network engineer, security professional, etc you can learn how to write Windows exploits in just two days and start looking at Microsoft advisory from a different focus.

On thursday the ekoparty is starting and I'm giving a presentation on "Abusing FreeListInUse", which it will be a 20 minutes turbo talk about how this technique was discovered in the first place and how can be exploited in the worst scenario. (Sadly, i won`t have much time to extend on other exploitation tricks but i might give an extended version on the H2HC in November).

Anyway, if you have plans to go send me a message or you will probably find me at Immunity`s stand on the Ekoparty.

PS: We will be doing the NOP Certification, so it will be a good time to prove yourself and your future employee that you can write stack overflow in less than 40 minutes :)